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BRIDGES Career Coacing helps job seekers identify lucrative career options that fit their personal and professional interest. We work with job seekers to identify what their career interest are and then plot out a progressive career map to help guide them to reaching their long term career goal while building their professional brand along the way.




A career map is made up of a sequence of short term objectives/milestones that will help guide job seekers to reach their long term career goals. Each objective is made up of experience and educational objectives that guide a job seeker to developing the necessary competencies to advance through different stages of their career. Once our clients begin following their career map they become more motivated as they transition into different positions that compliment their career interest.




Our clients become more empowered career professionals as they become more motivated by their short term success and become beneficiaries of what we call "Incremental Success". Incremental success is and intrinsic motivation and gratification our clients experience as they see their accomplishments stack of over a series of designed growth stages.



Working with our Career Coaches can be beneficial to any individual, from top level executives to entry level job seekers. Professionals looking to start their own business ventures, people who have found themselves unemployed or coming back into the job market from a hiatus, and students who are not quite sure what would be the best career choice or degree plan to work towards. Learn how you can become another beneficiary of incremental success and land the career that fits both your long term personal and professional goals.



  • Career Planning Package Price $299.99

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Statistically people are more successful in careers or occupations that fit their personal interest. People seek out and flourish in career environments that they fit in and our personalized personality assessment package helps job seekers identify occupations that aid them in determining their next career move. Personality assessments are also beneficial to students seeking to find their career interest and a relevant course of study, job seekers transitioning into a new career and working professionals looking for their next career move.


  • Personality Assessment Price $29.99



There is not much difference between personal and professional branding, but your professional brand is what matters to a potential employer, networking contact, or anyone who can help you find a job or grow your career. Your personal brand is important to who you are as a person but even more important is making sure that the information available about you online is visible, available, and relevant - to where you are in your career and where you want to go in your career. We work with professionals to help them build a professional profile and a broad online presence that compliments both their personal and professional brand.


  • Professional Branding Package Price $149.99

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