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"In today's digital and electronic age hiring managers and recruiters see your RESUME before they see or hear  from YOU." - Bridges Career Services


It is important that your resume is structured to effectively communicate your Personal & Professional Value and establish a marketable Brand attractive to employers. Similar to company product placement strategies, you must also advertise and market your professional brand to managers using professional social media, job boards, other online tools that will increase your digital footprint. An employer will never have the opportunity to understand the Value that you have to offer if your skill are not available for them to see.


-"You are a Product and your resume is an ADVERTISEMENT that must SELL your skills to managers and recruiters."

- Bridges Career Services

Entry Level Resume


Select an entry-level resume if you've recently graduated and entering the workforce for the first time or have 0-3 years of experience. If you're changing careers, please use the "professional resume" option instead.


Bridges Resume Writing Professionals and Career Coaches partner with local schools and organizations to help aspiring young professionals build a professional resume around career options that coincide with their interest and degree focus. Our goal is to help college students establish long term career goals and transition into entry positions that will aid them in successful career growth.


  • Entry Level Resume Price $59.99

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Mid-Level Management


If you are in a management level position or a specialize learned degree profession such as an attorney, lawyer, doctor etc., this level of service will ensure that your experience is communicated in a way to express how effectively you have contributed to operational success.


Bridges Resume Writing Consultants partner with mid-level managers / supervisors and specialized professsionals to quantify their success through contributions that have increased operational performance and minimizws operational cost. Your skills will in return be communicated in a way that will compliment your transition into an equivalent or higher position with a higher paying salary.


  • Mid Level Management Resume Price $199.99

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Experienced Professional


Most resumes and CVs fall into this category. Select a professional resume if you have over 3 yearsof experience.


Bridges Resume Writing Consultants partner with experienced professionals to take their career to the next level. Our resume writing and career coaching consultants will highlight proven success and contributions to the company bottom line so that your skills can be transferred into a new leadership role or a promotional opportunity with a higher salary.




  • Professional Level Resume Price $99.99

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Executive Resume


If you have upper management, director or executive level experience or will be applying for a senior management position, this level of service will ensure that your project is assigned to a resume writer of the proper caliber.


Bridges Career Coaching and Resume Writing Consultants assist upper management leaders with highlighting their successful visionary leadership, challenges overcame, strategic decision making, and positive impact to the company bottom line.





  • Executive Level Resume Price $299.99

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Resume Edit Package

If you are not looking for a complete resume overhaul and instead looking to change the actual presentation of your resume, have it proofread for grammar and spelling errors; and ensure that the necessary industry wording is clear, concise and geared towards your position of interest then this package is for you.


We will ensure that your resume has a new unique template design along with attractive key words to increase the overall presentation of your knowledge, skills, experience and achievements. As an added service we will also include a FREE generalized cover letter. After purchasing this package, if you choose to purchase additional resume writing services in the future we will deduct the fees you paid for this package.


  • Resume Edit and Cover Letter Price $59.99

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